Selling a piece of building "Arena" in Meden Rudnik

Bailiff Delian Nikolov is spent at public auction 4 shops from the ill-fated building "Arena" in Bourgas Meden Rudnik.

By the end of the day tenders are submitted with bids, and tomorrow at 10.30 am they open.

The first store starts from 111,115 Lev and has an area of 162 square meters. Located in the entrance A. The second object is also 162 sq.m, but its price starts from 110,854 Lev. It is also in gateway A.

The largest of the stores is 186 square meters and is priced at 127,119 Lev. The site is in entrance B. Also there is the last of the outlets, which has an area of 139 sq.m and the price starts from 95,254 Lev.

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