Roma neighborhood of 300 million EUR, where Gypsies are working and have respectable jobs, and their children are learning and improving ... It sounds like science fiction novel, but it is not. This is one way of the French government and local authorities in Strasbourg to the Roma integration.

It includes a 9-year joint program, which started in 2010 year and is divided into 4 stages. The project is worth 300 million EUR, which will be built 150 houses in "Polygone" - district of Strasbourg, populated mostly by minorities. Each house costing € 70,000 and will be rented to Roma people. They will pay a token rent - € 40 per month, but they must meet several conditions. Candidates get home must go to work and their children - to regularly attend a school.

"The construction is divided into four stages, so far completed two of them. In constructed homes already live more than 500 Roma. The municipality has a system that helps people to pay their rent regularly, to avoid being evicted from their houses", stated the project manager Jean-Claude Bornez. He pointed out that for Roma people still do not have a home the municipality has secured caravans for temporary accommodation.

The new Roma neighborhood "Quartier Du Polygone" is one of the best practices presented in the media seminar For Roma, with Roma ( For Roma together with Roma), organized by the Directorate-General "Justice and Consumers" of the European Commission. Representative of was one of 12 journalists from across Europe invited to take a part in the conference in Strasbourg.