Menu of W.A.S.P. - Organic food with Cuban rum and vodka

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The legendary group W.A.S.P., that will perform in a few days in Bourgas will focus on the healthy food, eat flights with quality alcoholic beverages.

They will play in the Open Air Theater on August 4 th at 20 o.clock. 

For their stay here the musicians have ordered a healthy menu with white chicken meat and fish steamed, organic vegetables, wholemeal bread and fresh salads. The list of drinks included high quality white and red wines, 2 bottles of premium vodka, energy drinks without sugar, Cuban rum and fresh fruit juices. 

In the menu of the group must also have a presence of a wide variety of pastries, sweet red apples, white seedless grapes, a fresh salsa, a large platter of cheese, a gallon of skim milk and sunflower seeds.

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