The mayor of the town becomes a grandfather

The mayor of the town Panaiot Reyzi becomes a grandfather for the first time. His firstborn daughter Petya gave him a beautiful granddaughter with the exotic name Panaya. Little Panaya named after her grandfather, which name can be translated from Greek and means Mary.


Little Panaya cried at a hospital in Sofia. She has a weight of 3.5 kg. high 43 cm.Mayor's granddaughter is in the company of her mother and under the care of her father, Pavel. Impatient grandfather was among the first to visit the little princess. The mayor of Sozopol does not hide his joy and looking forward to the small Panaya to go home. He is cooking heavy tables to meet the baby. It will be grown in Chernomorets, where the family of Pavel and Petya lives now. The first-born granddaughter of Sozopol mayor will take care grandmother Kalina- the mother of  Pavel, who in a few days is not out of joy.

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