Nikolai Tishev - again a director

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Interview with Nikolai Tishev


Mr. Tishev after you are no longer a part of the Port of Bourgas, what do you do now?

I started working as a director of the Port of Europe, which is located on the territory of "Burgas Shipyards" JSC.

Were you surprised that lasted after your dismissal reshuffle in Port Bourgas?

I expected similar action. The problem here is that the caretaker government, whose main task is the preparation and conduct of elections, is dealing with personnel policy. For comparison, last year, the Government of Marin Raikov appointed by the same president does not make any personnel changes in the management of GERB. The conclusions them stay for your readers.

Do you think that the changes in the director's positions impacted performance in the Port know that once again was extended the deadline for opening of free access to the port, how would you comment this?

It is not so important who is the executive director and member of the board of directors, more importantly is what policy will lead and whether it is in the interest of development of the company, the employees and the shipping business in Bourgas. On free access along the breakwater to the harbor station, to my knowledge is in the process of selecting a contractor of the fence, which will reduce the pedestrian promenade from the operational area of the port. It’s expecting the fence to be installed in December.

How would you comment the new government "Borisov 2"?

This government does not differ much from our managers during the period 07.2009 - 02.2013, with the same prime minister. I'm not optimistic about the policy to be pursued - in other words, "this film - we have seen it". Currently, again as in 2009 it is said that "no money" that "hard to spend the winter and there will be nothing to eat…", etc. I guess it will follow freezing of income, increased unemployment, bankruptcies, slowly (if any) economical growth. Assigned to the same people, because it was criticized the previous government of Boyko Borissov - Vanyo Tanov, head of the Customs Agency, the head of the Interior Ministry - Deputy. Minister Ts. Tsvetanov, head of the Ministry of Finance - Deputy. Minister Simeon Djankov and many others. All we are witnesses to such a policy and artists and how completed this government in February 2013.

Go there BSP as a party to an end after another hard choices?

No, just the opposite. BSP has had in its history, and the past 25 years, much heavier periods. Whenever we were in opposition, we managed to return the trust of the electorate and have increased the score, which allowed us to monitor the parliamentary elections to obtain the necessary support and to have a government (with one exception in 2001, when Simeon Saxe-Coburg was coming ). We are often "written off" and "closed", but as you yourself assured, these are baseless predictions. Moreover, in real time we remain the only left-wing party in the country, after the ABC (also claiming identity left) entered into a coalition with GERB and RB, which will certainly take place right, restrictive policies. This will affect very negatively the party of Parvanov because the left voters supported the ABC did not vote for the joint management with Borisov and the party of Ivan Kostov.

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