What we don’t know about ' Bulgarian Pope "

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Days prior to the canonization of Pope John XXIII in the old town of Nessebar was opened a memorial plaque in his honor. The inscription on it is: "In appreciation for his benefactions to the town and its inhabitants during the period 1925-1934".


Established merits of Monsignor Angelo Roncalli - Apostolic Delegate of the Vatican in Bulgaria, the future Pope John XXIII, to Bulgaria are undisputable. Young Catholic Cardinal started the dining-rooms for poor people, he lived very modestly, his contemporaries remember how he traveled throughout the country by a farm cart. Exceptional were his contributions to the rescue of Bulgarian Jews because Roncalli persuaded in this cause the Ecumenical Patriarch in Istanbul and the Bulgarian king himself. Diplomatic skills and the mission of his life to unite Christians worldwide sent him in various corners of the earth, and the council, which he organized as Pope John XXIII won him the affection and respect of all religions. The historic papal council dramatically changed the world religions and Roncalli gets from the millions of Christians around the world the name "The Best Pope".

In Nessebar one street takes the name of the Catholic cardinal and Bourgas Children's Center is named "Bulgarian Pope".

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