U.S. Embassy Sofia Constructs A 3-Floor Extension For Pomorie Kindergarten Detelina

“Children are part of the heart and soul of a community.  This kindergarten

- now full of laughs, love, and life - will nurture the children carrying the torch of Bulgaria’s future, bringing the light of hope and prosperity to Bulgaria’s tomorrows.  It is our sincere hope that this kindergarten will have a positive influence on the residents of your entire town for years to come.” – U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Justin Friedman.  

The United States Government constructed a new 3-level extension at Pomorie’s Detelina Kindergarten that will provide a daycare in a modern and safe learning environment for 80 children.  Additionally, a spacious multipurpose room will be used by all children and 21 staff.    The new building cost $440,000 USD.  Pomorie Municipality constructed a covered walkway connecting the new building to the original kindergarten.  

The Pomorie Kindergarten project is the largest single U.S. Humanitarian Assistance fund project in Bulgaria thus far.  Since 2010, the U.S. government has invested around $5 million in Humanitarian Assistance Program projects in Bulgaria. The Humanitarian Assistance Program brings together American and Bulgarian military troops to collaborate on significant projects. Under this program, the U.S. government also partners with non-governmental organizations and local Bulgarian firms to carry out projects in accordance with Bulgaria’s social and economic development strategy.

U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission Justin Friedman, together with Pomorie Mayor Ivan Aleksiev, inaugurated the new extension on Monday, September 17, 2018.