In Moscow issued a 100,000 strong visa for Bulgaria

Bulgarian Embassy in Moscow issued a 100,000 thousandth visa in this year for 2 -year-old Russian national Oksana Shishkin from Moscow, said MIE.

Traditionally Oksana and Elena Shishkin receive a special gift - a week-long holiday in the five stars hotel "Dubble Tree Hilton" as a continuation of their planned leisure in the resort "Golden Sands''.

Sending tour operator will provide free air ticket to Oksana and the receiving tour operator will present away free transfer in the territory of Bulgaria. For the month of May 2014 in Moscow only reported a growth in the number of visas issued by around 9%, compared to the same period last year. Per day at the consulate issued average 4000-5000 number of visas.

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