Nikolai Tishev is Personality of burgasdream

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On January 8 th will mark two years since its establishment and free swimming in the information flow of news and events in Bulgarian, Russian and English.


We join your sympathy personalities of Bourgas and the country, which are often present in our news. Among the most widely read news are those in which the main characters were Ivelina Vasileva, Tomislav Donchev, Panaiot Raize, Nikolay Tishev and Boyko Borisov. We share your interest impartial and deservedly put Nikolai Tishev led the list of Personality of burgasdream.

Nikolai Tishev took a permanent place in the flow of information on the site as a director of the Port of Bourgas, who not only skillfully managed the gate but stood in defense of the workers there.

Experienced politician and diplomat fine, Tishev keep good manners during the parliamentary elections and precisely and clearly poses the problems to the society and his fellow party members. Regional chairman of BSP- Bourgas had to give finial boss chair of port director to the colleague from GERB in the first days of the caretaker government. He do it with dignity and keep men in a situation not very masculine.

His professional and personal qualities were appreciated and he was just one month again led the port, this road - port Europe.

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