Ch. architect Vesselina Ilieva: Bourgas can be "green city"

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Interview with Ch.ach. Burgas Vesselina Ilieva:


- Arch. Ilieva will be used at the practice some of the ideas of the winners of the student competition "Green Bourgas"?

- It's hard to say that the projects in their entirety will come, rather part of the ideas can find a place in the future development of the city. Similar ideas have already been implemented in some projects, such areas are parks and spaces, green roofs and green walls, and many others. But there are many ideas that can be used for future projects.

- What is the road Bourgas to become a greener city?

- I think that the path of Bourgas to become a greener city is continuing the tradition and walking in the right direction, which has already begun. Of course, this process is slow and long and requires a lot of hard work, and requires a great battle with property owners, but I think that the strategy, which has already taken need to be followed up. With the renovation of buildings is possible to achieve an additional landscaping and construction of industrial zones. There are wonderful opportunities "green idea" to be applied in Bourgas.

- Is some European funding for this purpose?

- We are looking for any means of funding. We designed to have ready projects and then to apply. If we not done with EU money we will apply for loans. The object "Flora Bourgas" is exactly such credit "Jessica".






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