Ivelina Vasileva: We should bring back the people's trust in the institutions

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- Mrs. Vassileva, for the second time you have the trust of the people as a leader of GERB in Bourgas. How do you have got the trust ? 

- Of course, this implies great responsibility, because the trust is always tied to responsibility. I realize the responsibility that I assigned and commitment is extremely serious, as the structures of GERB and to citizens, too.

I can assure you that we will make every effort to work on this, that Bourgas to continue its development, I will support all the good initiatives and I will give most to the people to hear and to respond to their needs. 


- Last term GERB won 7 number of seats. What are your expectations for this election? 


- We have a strong team that competes on to win the trust of the citizens. We are counting both - the experience and the local representation. All persons included in the list of GERB are people from Bourgas and from the region. We continue to hold this the Bourgas region to be represented by local people, because in this way it is easier to maintain the link between voters and representatives of legislative and executive power. In this sense, we believe that we have the capacity and the opportunity to earn at least as much as we had in the 42 th National Assembly, at least seven terms. 


- BSP accuse you of populism because you provide assistance to the victims of the floods. How would you comment? 


- I urge my colleagues from the other political forces to do the same what we did. We gave up financing for noisy advertising events, billboards, a strong presence in the media to help people who needed us. Did not show up there for an hour to make our shots, and we were in the field, working with them, cleaning their homes, helping them to cope with the consequences. Every person in crisis needs help now and immediately, no need talk and promises. We always proceed so: we are on the place among those in need. 


- Young people recognize the policy of GERB, suppose that you enjoy. What do you intend to do about them in the next four years? 


- First all young people want to live in a peaceful environment, they want to have their chance for development and a chance to work. This are active policies that we have undertaken to conduct youth by assisting with any activities. These are activities related to training, retraining, provision of quality education that gives them a competitive start career with internship programs that enable young people to start working with the support of the state with the support of employers who hire young people. 


- How would you comment the requests from BSP on the inpiychmant of the President Rossen Plevneliev? 


- I think it is futile efforts to cause one's interest and attention, but because the subject is so illogical and so unacceptable rather see it as reheat dish. 


- After the incident with the self-burned man who received a 100 percent burns, do you think, that the city has an urgent need for the burn? 


- The area is critical. There are many industrial companies- Lukoil, a lot of tourists, it is necessary to restore the casualty department. We will continue the action on modernizing the Emergency, which were shut down by the government of Oresharski in recent days. Emergency services will be the focus of attention as a special focus, because for us it is extremely important quick access to quality health care to people. This can be realized with modern ambulances bases and the introduction of paramedics as a specialized and modernized personnel, wich can timely to assist the people.





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