Zaynab: Bourgas is my castle and complete freedom

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Zaynab - all we know her from the TV screen. The young lady was born in Bourgas, studied at the school "Vassil Aprilov" and at the college of tourism. With nostalgia she remembers the beautiful childhood spent in Bourgas. 


What memories brings Zaynab about Bourgas and what is it to her, she would tell herself in front of Burgasdream. 

Burgasdream: Bourgas is a city that over the years has born many celebrities. You're one of them. What's Bourgas to you? 

Zaynab: I am proud that I was born in Bourgas! I am lucky that I have the chance to be born near the sea in a city that has given so much of Bulgarian culture in the face of not one or two significant personalities and artists. I experienced a wonderful childhood - jumping elastic in the sea garden and I have the fondest memories. 

Burgasdream: What brings you the work in the team of "Coffee"? 

Zaynab: The satisfaction and joy that I’m experimenting with the best professionals in the television airwaves. 

Burgasdream: We know that in the face of Gala you find a friend. What did she teach you? 

Zaynab: Gala is an inexhaustible source of wisdom, kindness and dedication to her loved ones. It's difficult to pinpoint just one / two things that I have learned because after every meeting with her, both - personal and professional, I absorbed her words. 

Burgasdream: Tell us what happened to your column "Mission Beauty"? 

Zaynab: The heading is very successful, but it makes me happy that I manage to come true the dreams of our viewers. 

Burgasdream: We know you like to go around the world. What is your favorite spot? 

Zaynab: Any place and nook in the world has its own appeal, its charisma, but one of the most exciting and different trips was in Japan and South Korea.

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