I’m coming to work with pleasure despite the problems lately

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Interview with Nikolai Tishev, executive director of the Port of Bourgas and chairman of the regional organization BSP 



- Mr. Tishev how far they got in the activities of the opening of the port for free access? 


- We are waiting for the preparation of the portal, which should arrive and be assembled. When it arrives here we will do the full aperture of the place. There is no way to open a hole in the fence of the port and wait for the portal two weeks. Otherwise, now we go as planned and it is expected deadlines to be met. 


- How does reflect the work of the port the ongoing situation in Ukraine? 


- As the load  there is no decrease. The loads come from Odessa, Mariupol, those are ports that are operating normally. And when it comes to the cruise ships, we knew from the beginning of the year that there will be an increase. For the passenger ships were making reservations a year ahead. This year the reservations continued to April, at the beginning we had about 7-8 reservations, now they reach 27, just for this reason. 


- What is the financial status of the port? 


- We are processing metals, grain, fertilizer and scrap. Currently cargo is a bit higher than last year, which is good. The port is also financially stable and marked gain. I think it will be the same to the end of the year. This circumstance gives a stability of the enterprise and a security of the employees. 


- Do you plan to combine the activities of the port as Passenger Port and port of loading - unloading? 


- Yes, we have a version that satisfies all interests. I expect to have a problem with the organizational activities after the fence for public access is opened, but these are problems that are solved. But we will not have a problem with handling, nor will have to lay off people, as it would be happen if from the first to the fourth berth were going to the municipality. 


- The situation with the provision of free access to the port highlight discord between you and the governor of Bourgas. How will this affect in a purely partisan plan, does not give many bad signals to the voters and the supporters of the party? 


- Governance in Bulgaria changes frequently, usually each one comes with his ideas, but while I am a director of the port of Bourgas this will not happen and people can be calm.

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